The history of the Roveros goes back to the late 19th century.
This is borne out by the small chapel built in 1880, and set within the group of houses surrounding the large courtyard where the distillery, the grappa ageing cellars, the old farmhouse given over to guest quarters and the offices are also to be found.
On the hillside opposite stand the winery and the wine ageing cellar, in a picturesque country landscape amidst vineyards.

Two generations – brothers Franco, Claudio and Michelino, with son Enrico today continue the family tradition with renewed passion, extending the estate and using environmentallyfriendly growing techniques that guarantee sound, genuine products.
The organic farming methods which have been extended over the years to the entire production are a strength that represents a benchmark for many farmers.

The grape skins and seeds are sent to the distillery for immediate processing as soon as the wine has been drawn off.
For the joy of the most demanding palates and of anyone who loves exclusive products of great quality, small, unique batches of varietal grappas are obtained from the pot still distillation of this fresh marc from grapes grown on the estate and other organic farms, and by leading producers of prestigious wines.

About us

CLAUDIOwine grower
MICHELINOwine grower
FRANCOmaster distiller